FLEAS are a problem in the South, because it never gets cold enough for them all to die. Bombing your apartment/house before you move in is advised if there were pets there before you. Vacuum with a powerful vacuum cleaner and change the bag frequently. Wash your pet’s bedding (or your bedding if y’all snuggle at night) in HOT water. It may help to put towels where they like to sleep and wash those once a week (in hot water), as it’s hard to do the same with upholstery. For those with outdoor pets, yard spraying is recommended. Talk to your vet about the new flea medications now available. The Metro Health Department offers rabies clinics (shots at less than half normal cost) around Nashville on Saturdays in March.

Belle Meade Animal Hospital

5121 Harding Rd.

(615) 352-4370

Berry Hill Animal Hospital

2211 8th Ave. South

(615) 292-3332

Brentwood Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Coulter is highly recommended

5009 Harpeth Drive

(615) 373-4777

Davidson Farmer’s Co Op

3511 Dickerson Pike

(615) 860-4774

Hillsboro Animal Hospital

2207 Bandywood Dr.

(615) 298-2663

Murphy Road Animal Hospital

Dr. Graves is recommended

4408 Murphy Rd.

(615) 383-4241

Richland Animal Clinic

6109 Charlotte Pike

(615) 356-6534

Love at First Sight

Associated with Murray Pet Clinic – provide first appointment and necessary immunizations

4423 Murphy Road

The Nashville Humane Association

Must have landlord’s approval before you can adopt. Animals have had one round of shots (excluding rabies) and are exchangeable within 5 days. Take advantage of the online application!

213 Oceola Ave.

Nashville Pet Emergency Clinic Inc.

2000 12th Ave. South

(615) 383-2600

For after-hours emergencies.


In addition to pet and aquarium supplies, Petsmart offers puppy obedience classes and in-store veterinary care, called “Bansfield”. You can sign up for an annual plan ($40/month) which covers free check-ups, visits, vaccines, boosters, teeth cleaning, neutering, and discounts on flea/tick/worm treatments and other veterinary services.

719 Thompson Lane, in 100 Oaks Mall

(615) 386-0105

Charlotte Pike in Nashville West Plaza

(615) 352-9386