U.S. Post Offices


Outgoing mail, excluding packages, can be sent via the outgoing mail tray in Dean Rogers’ office in Light Hall.

Station 17

You’ll see this every day when you’re on your way to anatomy lab. The entrance for the post office is just down the stairs as you enter the new MRB III. Take the stairs down to the basement and follow signs to the Post Office. It’s location is convenient, but they have limited packing supplies to help you when mailing a package.

Medical Center North

(615) 322-2290

Station B

If you are on the main campus, there is also a post office in Rand Hall. It provides the same service as the one in the Medical Center.

Main Campus, Rand Hall

(615) 322-2934

United States Postal Service

It is worth the trip to walk to one of these larger nearby post offices if you have a package with specific packing requirements or need to purchase packing supplies. Of note, the post office on Acklen has autographed photos from many well-known country artists!

2006 Acklen Ave.

1718 Church St.