Nashville is not known for its public transportation. Having a car makes things MUCH easier, but some students manage without one. (To do so you will need to rely heavily on your classmates for transportation). Biking is a great option, used by many students with and without cars. Either way, the international airport is conveniently located nearby and the bus is free with student ID, making travel to and from Nashville relatively easy.

Air Travel

The Nashville Airport (BNA) is east of the city, off I-40 with its own exit between Briley Parkway and Donelson exits.

American Airlines, Delta, and Southwest Airlines*, and most of the major carriers have services. Southwest usually offers the best deals as well as frequent flyer benefits and allows 2 free checked bags

The Grey Line Airport Shuttle (1-800-251-1864 or leaves the airport every 15 minutes for major hotels and Medical Center North. To get on at Vanderbilt, you must make a reservation. Not highly recommended by Vandy med students. $14 one-way, $25 round trip

Most students rely on friends and classmates and barter baked goods for trips to and from the airport.

~15-20 travel time from Vanderbilt without traffic

City Bus

Fairly extensive coverage. A general city route map is available from the company, located at 130 Nestor St., as are separate pamphlets giving specific stops and times for each route. Call 615-862-5950 to request specific schedules.


MTA also runs trolley cars all over downtown. Only 75ยข. On weekends, the trolley runs an expanded route to Music Row. Great for those with Music Row Apartments who want to go downtown.

Commercial Bus Lines


The station is on 8th Ave. South near Broadway in the downtown area.

200 8th Ave. South

(615) 255-3556


New to Nashville, so check the website for changing fares and locations


Taxis are metered and charge up to $3.00 to enter the cab. Companies are authorized to charge up to $1.50 per mile. Most meters are set for less. There is usually a small additional charge for each additional passenger. Another great options is to coordinate with friends for transportation to/from downtown and the airport.

Allied Cab

(615) 883-2323

Nashville Cab Co

(615) 333-3333

Checker Cab

(615) 256-7000

NOTE: great about returning lost items

United Cab

(615) 228-6969

Music City Taxi

(615) 226-3006

Yellow Cab

(615) 256-0101