Specialty Interest Groups

In addition to all of the student organizations listed above, there are many specialty interest groups at VMS (see list below) that can help you learn more about specialties you may be interested in. The goals of these specialty interest groups are to expose medical students to different specialties through lectures, general information meetings, social events, and shadowing. These groups offer opportunities for medical students to meet with upperclassmen, residents, and faculty who are experts in a given specialty, and these groups also provide resources and guidance about matching into that specialty. It is never too early or too late to join an interest group! You can find more information about each group (such as contact information for its leaders, as well as faculty contacts) at: https://medschool.vanderbilt.edu/cim/content/interest-groups. Finally, if you’d like to start an interest group that doesn’t exist yet, feel free to contact CiM’s Interest group chair, Megan Ryan (megan.k.ryan@vanderbilt.edu).

1. Anesthesiology

2. Dermatology

3. Emergency Medicine

4. ENT

5. Family Med & Primary Care

6. General Surgery

7. Internal Medicine

8. Med Peds

9. Neurology

10. Neurosurgery

11. OB/Gyn

12. Ophthalmology

13. Orthopaedic Surgery

14. Pediatrics

15. Plastic Surgery

16. Preventative Medicine

17. Psychiatry

18. Radiation Oncology

19. Radiology

20. Urology