Computers and E-mail account

All medical students are given an e-mail account, accessible at You can have your emails forwarded to a personal gmail or transferred to another email client like iOS, Apple Mail, or Microsoft Outlook (using the IMAP protocol). For more specific information about setting up your email go to this VUIT website

If you are having problems with your email account, go see the Education Support Services on the fourth floor of Light Hall. Education Support Services is responsible for a variety of computer and building-related issues, including email and lockers. If you forget your locker code, all you have to do is swipe your ID on their special computer and it will print for you! They also have video cameras to rent for med student-related activities (e.g., Cadaver Ball) and a host of video and music editing software. As if this weren’t enough, they’re also very friendly.

There are a variety of computer clusters for med student use, including the computer lab next to the student lounge at 306J LH and the Eskind Biomedical Library.


Like most universities, Vandy has its own phone system. To call a campus number from a campus phone, dial only the last five numbers. To call an off-campus number from a campus phone, dial “9” first. There are some phones on campus, however, that do not dial outside (such as the phones in the cafeteria). VA Hospital numbers are listed in the Vanderbilt Directory as 811-XXXX. Call them directly as written from a campus phone. The school will provide a list under the student portal that includes medical students’ phone numbers shortly after classes begin. You can look up e-mails, cell phones, pagers, addresses, birthdays, and more for students using the VMS Portal, and use the People Finder at to find faculty information.


You will be assigned a mailbox in the corridor of LH outside the first- and second-year classrooms. These are for messages and medical school correspondence. You’ll most often be checking these for your class notes and flyers about upcoming events.


From on campus: Dial 888, wait for tone to stop, then dial the person’s 4-digit code. Wait for another tone to end, enter your number, and then hang up. From off campus: Dial 322-0099 and follow the above procedure. If this doesn’t work, call 322-5000 and get operator assistance. You can also “text page” through the VMS portal.