Places to Eat

While most of you will be eating a lot of meals at the Courtyard Cafe, be sure to check out the diversity of food options that are just a short walk from Light Hall. Note: we’ve included dining options on the undergrad campus for completeness, but students usually get their lunch at the med center or bring it from home.

Au Bon Pain

A perfect stop for your morning coffee before class and breakfast if you’re running late. The restaurant offers a wide variety of grab-n-go sandwiches, wraps, salads, fruit, yogurt, breakfast sandwiches, freshly baked pastries, coffee, sodas, and juice.


Need to stay awake for a late-night study session? Get your fill of caffeine at one of the two Starbucks locations on campus: in the Courtyard Café or in Medical Center North! Or enjoy Starbucks from their 21st Avenue store.

Suzie’s Café & Grins Café

Suzie’s Cafe has multiple locations on campus, including Medical Center North, Medical Research Building III, on top of Medical Center East, and in the Children’s Hospital cafeteria. There are also locations in the Blair School of Music, Featheringill Hall, and the Divinity Refectory.

For vegetarian options, check out Grin’s Cafe.

Quiznos at Carmichael Towers

Quizno’s is located in the bottom of Carmichael Towers, an upperclass dormitory located along West End Avenue.

Fun fact: When Quizno’s first opened on campus, it was one of the top-selling franchises in the US.

Children’s Hospital Cafeteria

A favorite of medical students - just a short walk from Light Hall. The cafeteria has an upbeat, child-friendly decor. Options include Subway, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut Express, Ben & Jerry’s, Vandy Cafe, and Suzie’s Espresso. On the third floor, you can visit Champ’s Grab and Go Service serving salads, wraps, sushi, sandwiches, and more.

The Commons

Need coffee 24/7? Drop by Common Grounds located in the Commons Center on the Peabody Campus. The coffee shop can caffeinate you any time day or night!

While you’re at the Commons Center picking up your coffee at Common Grounds, don’t miss the Food Gallery. It boasts the BEST cafeteria food on campus! Options range from an extensive soup/salad bar to yummy pastries and pizzas.

Courtyard Cafe (Hospital Cafeteria)

The Courtyard Cafe is a Vandy med student’s go-to option. You will learn to love (or hate) this newly renovated cafeteria-style eatery.

It features a wide variety of cuisines, from southern meat & three to international flavors, including Asian, Italian, BBQ, and Mexican dishes. The Courtyard Cafe also boasts an extensive grab-n-go section including sandwiches and even sushi at lunchtime. It’s a pretty good bang for your buck!

Divinity School Cafeteria

Located next to Benton Chapel (near the Main Library), it serves some scrumptious home-style cooking at incredibly reasonable prices.

A relaxing atmosphere, Divinity is a must-visit. Be sure to bring cash because credit cards are not accepted.

Quiznos at Morgan

Another Quiznos is located in the basement of Morgan Hall (a dorm located right across the street from the Student Recreation Center).

Sarratt Center

The Sarratt Student Center is located in the center of campus and is attached to Rand Dining Hall.

Last Drop Coffee Shop and Overcup Oak (“The Pub”) call Sarratt their home. Treat yourself to burgers and fries at The Pub and finish off the meal with fro-yo from the coffee shop!

Rand Dining Center

If you find yourself strolling to the heart of campus around mealtime, be sure to visit Rand Dining Hall. The main dining hall for undergraduates, Rand is located in the middle of campus and attached to the Sarratt Student Center.

It features the Blue Corn Cocina (Mexican), Burger Town (fried food), Chef James’ Bistro (home-style cooking), Lunch Paper (quality meals that I could never hope to make), The Muffin Tin (pastries), Pump Station (coffee), Salad Toss (custom salad shop), a pasta and potato bar, a salad bar, and a soup station.

If interested, check out Tortellini Tuesdays for dinner specials.