Permit registration documents should be provided to you during orientation. If not, you can apply for a permit online by visiting the website. Or you can visit the Office of VUMC Parking and Transportation. Be sure to have your car registration papers and to know your license plate number. The current price for a parking permit for the school year is $384. If you plan to walk or bike to campus, but are worried about safety at night, fear not. Many students who study on campus during nights and weekends choose to park in The Vanderbilt Clinic’s parking lot, as it is open after 6 pm and all weekend.

VUMC Parking and Transportation Services
22nd Ave
East Garage, G Level
Nashville, TN 37232
PH: 615-936-1215, Option 3
FAX: 615-936-2127
Hours: 7:00 AM to 5:00PM Mon.-Fri. Closed every 3rd Wednesday of Each Month 12:00-1:00PM

25th Avenue Garage

If you choose to purchase a parking permit, you will be parking in this garage. It’s convenient for class or a quick trip to the Student Rec Center!

Medical Center East Garage

This garage is the one most convenient when you need to get to the anatomy lab, and you can park here on weekends—nice in the winter months. MCE actually starts with floor 3; basement, 1, and 2 are all parking garage. The 1st floor has the main parking office where you can get your parking passes.

South Garage

This garage services Children’s hospital, but you can park there after 6pm weekdays and on weekends. For the late nights of on-campus studying, it’s a nice option. It’s well lit and connects to Children’s with a short bridge.

Central Garage

Connected to the Vanderbilt Hospital.

Village at Vanderbilt

Right across the street from the Central Garage.