Security and Support

Walking Escort Service

Unfortunately, Vandy Vans don’t make stops around the med center. However, VUMC shuttles run to the 25th Avenue garage even during the night. Don’t hesitate to call for a VUPD escort if you feel at all hesitant about your walk back.

Those planning to walk to an off-campus residence at night might consider biking or parking at TVC as discussed above. Or, leave the library with a friend and walk together! There are tons of students in the area, so this shouldn’t be difficult to do.


The VU Police Department is one of the largest in the State of Tennessee. It is headquartered at 2800 Vanderbilt Place.

Use the Blue Light Emergency phones located throughout campus if you have an emergency while walking around campus. When you lift the receiver, you are automatically connected to VUPD and officers are dispatched instantaneously.

It’s a good idea to register your bicycle and laptop with security, and this can be done online. Bike racks are available at the north end of Light Hall, but their availability can sometimes depend on construction.

VU Psychological and Counseling Center

Free for full-time students, this service offers a variety of assistance for whatever’s on your mind. This is probably where you should turn first when you’re looking for counseling; they’re prepared to help you whether you’re having problems choosing a specialty or dealing with clinical depression, and they can refer you elsewhere if they can’t provide what you need. They have individual and group counseling (including groups for persons with eating disorders and LGBT students, among others), educational testing, peer support, vocational and career planning, and programs to develop reading and study skills. Use of services is not only confidential; it also does not appear on your medical record. There are many psychologists on staff, so you are encouraged to change counselors if you don’t like a particular staff member.

Student Health Center (Zerfoss)

Zerfoss offers psychiatric consultation for people needing medication, and a psychologist and clinical social worker for short-term crisis management and psychotherapy. They also offer evaluation of addictions, including alcohol, drugs, and eating disorders.

Office of University Chaplain and Affiliated Ministries

They will make time to discuss any problems with you, religious or otherwise. They offer premarital counseling and can help with dilemmas. Abortion counseling and problem pregnancy counseling are also available at the Office of University Ministry. They can also refer you to a particular faith or denominational minister.

Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center

Support, counseling, and advice on issues of career, sexual harassment, or problems facing women in society.

Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital Addictions Program

Comprehensive and supportive treatment of drug and alcohol dependency.