Places to Study

Eskind Biomedical Library

Completed in the spring of 1994, this library houses the University’s collection of medical texts and an extensive journal collection. It is a four-story building of 77,000 square feet that houses both traditional (print) and new (electronic) information media. The northern wall of the building features glass walls, providing indirect sunlight to the carrel areas.

The library has many study rooms that can be checked out for group or individual use, as well as laptop computers that you can borrow by leaving your student ID at the counter. During exam times, the library can get fairly crowded (undergrads flock here), so stake your claim early in the day. The carrels are also specifically reserved for “Medical Center Personnel” (i.e., you), so those should always be accessible. Vandy undergrads like to confiscate the carrels, but you can politely ask them to leave or have the library staff kick them out!

Don’t underestimate the digital resources of the library - there is a wealth of information online, and don’t ever hesitate to ask one of the librarians if you’re having a problem - the Eskind librarians are some of the most knowledgeable, helpful people that I’ve met on campus.

Central Library

Some find this a quiet place to study away from the medical center; others think it is dark and depressing. Regardless, it’s filled with nooks and crannies and enough desks and tables for everyone.

Divinity Library

It’s one of the quietest places to study on campus.

Peabody Library

This can be a great place to study although it can get pretty loud for a library. It’s connected to the Iris Cafe if you need a snack.

Stevenson Science/Engineering Library

General and applied sciences, mathematics, and engineering. You may have trouble finding the descending stairs to enter, but this library has the few scientific journals and texts that Eskind doesn’t.