Hutson and Page-McCaw labs publish article in Biophysical Journal.


The article, entitled "Multiple Mechanisms Drive Calcium Signal Dynamics around Laser-Induced Epithelial, Wounds", describes how different types of cell and tissue damage result in different mechanisms of signaling to the neighboring healthy cells.  Cells in the center of the wound die immediately, and these transmit an extracellular signal to distant healthy neighbors alerting them to the presence of a wound in the tissue.  Around the dying cells, another ring of cells gets damaged but not killed, and they communicate their wounded status via gap-junction signaling to their healthy next-door neighboring cells.  The surrounding healthy cells interpret both signals as an increase in intracellular calcilum, as shown in this video.  The study comprised the thesis research of Erica Shannon and was published in Biophysical Journal on October 3, 2017.