Eating Disorders

If there is a known history of an eating disorder we have the following services:

  1. Eating Disorder Team for comprehensive assessment at the 100 Oaks Adolescent Medicine Division. This is a program in the Medical Center that can be reviewed here on their website. The Eating Disorder team will meet with your student and parents to assess the treatment needs at Vanderbilt. If you choose to start with their services they will help facilitate appropriate referral to the PCC and the Student Health Center for ongoing services once school begins. There is a charge associated with their services; this is not a part of the services provided to students at the PCC. 
  2. PCC has an Eating Disorder Team that helps to coordinate care within the center and the university for students presenting with an eating disorder. The team consists of therapists and medical providers and provides ongoing guidance and consultation to all staff at the center to ensure evidence based treatment. Members of the team collaborate routinely with the Eating Disorder Team at the Student Health Center so that we can coordinate the mental health care and the medical care. 
  3. We provide individual therapy at the PCC at an initial frequency of 2 times per month for the first two semesters and refer to community therapists for students seeking weekly individual therapy or more intensive therapy. After the first two semesters the frequency of individual therapy is reviewed with consideration for the importance of balancing other modalities of treatment. The recommendation may include decreasing individual sessions in order to facilitate application of skills learned both in individual and in a group setting. 
  4. We provide group therapy for dealing with emotion regulation and for dealing with body image issues. Students seeking weekly support are able to have a combination of weekly group therapy complimented initially by every other week individual therapy. When appropriate students may participate in more than one group therapy option. 
  5. We have board certified psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners who provide assessment and treatment for pharmacologic needs of individual students with Eating Disorders. 
  6. The combination of group therapy, individual therapy, medication management at the PCC, and medical management at the Student Health Center is reviewed routinely by the Eating Disorder Team to ensure effective treatment planning. 
  7. Finally, at times there is value in coordinating family therapy sessions. This is coordinated within the boundaries of confidentiality and privacy dictated by HIPAA and FERPA laws. We encourage parents to participate in the initial screening of your student by planning with your student the initial contact with the PCC during the summer prior to matriculation. Once the school year starts communication with parents will be based upon consent by students and may be done via conference calls.