A variety of treatment services are available to students at the PCC. Service options are integrated based upon unique clinical needs with treatment plans developed and provided to students. Psychologists, social workers, and professional counselors are available to help with issues such as: depression, anxiety, eating and body image, stress, grief, or issues related to the transition to college.

Incoming VU students, please review the information provided here

Psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners are available to provide medication evaluations, consultation, medication management, and crisis intervention.

Alcohol and drug specialists are available for evaluations and counseling.

An academic and study skills specialist is available to help with time management, test-taking skills, reading skills and test anxiety reduction.

Group Therapy sessions are also available for a number of issues including LGBTQI issues, eating and body image issues, general psychotherapy, and more. Please call the Center if you would like information regarding current groups.

Workshops are available on a variety of topics to help students learn coping skills to deal with stress in order to maintain a level of function. 

To make an appointment, call (615) 322-2571 (on campus 2-2571) and ask about the service your are interested in. Due to heavy volume, it may take a few weeks to get an initial appointment. If you feel you are in an emergency situation, please tell the staff member when you call.

If you need immediate help, please call the Psychological and Counseling Center, the Crisis Line at 244-7444 or visit your nearest emergency room.

Access My Health at Vanderbilt, an on-line tool allowing patients access to parts of their medical records and to secure communication with providers.

Student Eligibility

Vanderbilt University students are eligible for all services at the Psychological and Counseling Center. The majority of the services at the PCC are provided at no additional cost to students.

In order to ensure that the services are protected for student use only, students will be required to have an active ID card for the card reader. Students who have old cards may not have the chip in the card that is recognized by our card reader. Students with the older ID cards must upgrade their card, which can be done free of charge by turning in their old ID card in exchange for the new card. Students should inform their provider if they have not yet upgraded their card with the understanding that the student will get the upgrade in a timely manner. 


The essence of an effective therapeutic relationship is based on safeguarding a client's confidentiality. To the extent permitted by law, the Psychological and Counseling Center maintains confidentiality of all that is communicated between you and your provider. Your written permission is required before any information about you, including acknowledgement of your contact with the Center, is released to anyone. Parents, deans, friends, and others do not have access to information that you are a client here, unless you authorize us (both verbally and in writing) to release such information. Certain extremely infrequent situations call for exception: life and death situations and child or elder abuse.