Donna J. Webb, Ph.D.

Donna J Webb, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Associate Professor of Cancer Biology

U6211 Medical Research Building III

Nashville 8240
(615) 936-8274

Research Description

My laboratory is interested in cell migration, which plays a pivotal role in many important phenomena including cancer, mental retardation and embryonic development. We are studying the signaling pathways that regulate adhesion and cytoskeletal dynamics in a variety of normal and cancer cells since this could lead to new targets for the development of anti-cancer therapeutics. A special focus in my lab is understanding the signaling pathways that regulate the formation of dendritic spines and synapses in the central nervous system. The dynamics of these spines is an exciting frontier in neuroscience because it contributes to synaptic plasticity, which underlies cognitive functions, such as learning and memory.

Lab Members:

Nicole Diggens

Leolene Jean