Scott H. Baldwin, M.D.

Scott H Baldwin, M.D.

Professor of Pediatrics

Katrina Overall McDonald Chair in Pediatrics

Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology

9435-A Medical Research Building IV
2213 Garland Ave
Nashville, TN 37232-0493
(615) 322-2703

Research Description

The Baldwin laboratory has concentrated on delineating the molecular basis of vascular development in the mammalian embryo as an approach to understanding the etiology of congenital heart diseases. Laboratory efforts are based on the hypothesis that the developing vasculature provides important patterning information that directs subsequent cardiac and pulmonary morphogenetic events. Specific projects includes a focus on: 1) the role of endothelial cell adhesion molecules, particularly PECAM-1 in regulating vascular ontogeny, 2) the role of NFATc-1 in specification of endocardial development during early organogenesis, 3) the importance of BMP signaling in valvuloseptal morphogenesis and 4) the importance of endothelial RTK signaling in vascular morphogenesis both in utero and in the adult animal. A variety of techniques including in vitro cell culture, in situ whole mouse embryo culture, adenoviral mediated tissue specific gene delivery in situ and in utero, microarray screening, transgenic and traditional null mutation via homologous recombination, chimeric analysis by ES cell blastocyst complementation, and Cre-Lox mediated tissue specific and inducible gene deletion are being utilized to pursue these studies.