2015 Meeting Presentations


Opening Plenary – What actually works to build and sustain diversity among scientific professionals?  David Asai, Senior Director, Undergraduate and Graduate Programs, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Global diversification of graduate education:  Jason Blackard, Director of Office of Global Health, University of Cincinnati

Open Discussion – Developing relationships and skills for multidisciplinary discovery and applied research:  Yana Zavros, University of CincinnatiSystems Biology Training Grant and Sander Vinks, University of Cincinnati/Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center – Linking Clinical Pharmacology to Basic Science Training

Open Discussion – Tracking student progress before and after graduation:  Chip Montrose, University of Cincinnati – Individual Development Plans (IDPs) followed by discussion about new ideas and best practices. 


How the NIH BEST grants approach training for alternate careers:  Joey Barnett, Vanderbilt University

Life outside academia – How does training need to change for non-academic careers?  Mary Jeanne Kallman, Global Director Nonclinical Neuroscience-Covance Laboratories, retired, Ruth Stevens, Camargo Pharmaceutical Services, and Ray Takigiku, CEO-Bexion

Common understanding for PhD training: The ORPHEUS perspective  Michael Mulvany, ORPHEUS (Organisation for PhD Education in Biomedicine and Health Sciences in the European System www.orpheus-med.org)

Vision and Change in undergraduate biological sciences – AAAS/NSF initiative (visionandchange.org) that affects the training of our incoming students:  Tom Pressley, Texas Tech University


Panel discussion – National expansion of revenue driven degrees; a new balancing act:  William F. Jackson, Michigan State University, John Lorenz, Physiology, University of Cincinnati, and John Maggio, Pharmacology, University of Cincinnati


Workshop on NIH Training Grants (optional for attendees based on their interests)  John Laffan, NIH, Yana Zavros, University of Cincinnati, and Joey Barnett, Vanderbilt University