Cardiovascular Pharmacology

David Robertson, M.D.

Professor of Medicine

Elton Yates Professorship in Autonomic Disorders

AA-3228 MCN, Nashville, TN, 2195
(615) 343-6499 (office)

Research Description

Our laboratory is interested in identifying the mechanisms of neural regulation of heart rate and blood pressure in normal individuals, as well as in patients with cardiovascular, psychiatric or neurological disorders. Using a bench-to-bedside approach that merges our clinical research and our basic research, we have successfully identified the previously unrecognized disorders of dopamine -hydroxylase deficiency, baroreflex failure, and norepinephrine transporter deficiency. New therapeutic advances have been a natural follow-up to these discoveries.

Investigative strengths of our laboratory include genetic linkage studies and identification of polymorphisms in candidate genes relevant to autonomic neuroscience. The laboratory focuses on transgenic mice as models of human disease, examining whole animal physiology and using radio telemetry, power spectral analysis, bioengineering, and pharmacologic testing in phenotyping relevant knock-out mice.

Selected Publications