Drug Discovery

The department of Pharmacology is highly committed to advancing translation of basic science to novel therapeutic approaches and includes a number of investigators who are actively involved in drug discovery research.  This spans a  broad range of activities aimed at discovery of drug-like molecules that can be used to validate new molecular targets for treatment of human disease.   In cases where early drug-like molecules have effects that support utility of a new approach for therapeutic intervention,  the department has infrastructure and investigators with the expertise required to fully optimize novel drug candidates to achieve the properties required for advancing to clinical testing.  The Vanderbilt Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery (VCNDD) is a major focus of the Department of Pharmacology efforts and is heavily invested in discovery of novel drug candidates for treatment of major brain disorders.  In addition, the Department includes faculty with major interests in drug discovery for new approaches to treatment of cancer, cardiovascular disease, malaria, and other disease states.  Finally, the department includes faculty whose research efforts are focused on drug disposition and new drug delivery systems that can be useful for multiple therapeutic areas.

Primary Faculty

Secondary Faculty