2017 Student Leaders


President - Stephanie Moore

VP of Executive Affairs - Nicole Perry

VP of Community Affairs - Kristin Peterson

VP of Academics - Nicole Fisher and James Maksymetz

VP of Finances - Jenny Aguilar

VP of Communications - Megan Shuey and Rachel Fischer

First Year Student Representative - Kayla Shumate and Eric Figueroa

GSC Rep (EVP) - Nicole Perry


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Past PhGSA

About the PhGSA President

  • Stephanie Moore

    Goal for the PhGSA:

    • Improve communications between faculty and Students
    • Support student interests in new emerging areas of pharmacology in order to keep our department in the front of the field
      • invited speakers
      • integrating new technology to course work
      • presentations from companies/suppliers on new emerging technology that we can bring to Vanderbilt
    • Keep students engaged and interested in departmental activities throughout their entire graduate career
    • Build our community to promote more interactions between 1st year Pharm students and Senior student in order to improve peer mentoring relationships