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Past PhGSA


Immediate Past President – N/A

President – Stephanie Moore

Vice President of Executive Affairs – Nicole Perry

Vice President of Community Affairs – Kristin Peterson

Co-Vice Presidents of Academics – Nicole Fisher and James Maksymetz

Vice President of Financial Affairs – Jenny Aguilar

Co-Vice Presidents for Communications – Megan Shuey and Rachel Fischer

First Year Student Representatives – Eric Figueroa and Kayla Shumate

GSC Rep (VP of Exec. Aff.) – Nicole Perry


Immediate Past President – Kendra Oliver

President – Meagan Quinlan (replaced by Interim President Stephanie Moore, after Meagan moved with her mentor to another institution)

Executive Vice President – Aparna Shekar

Co-Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs – Andrea Belovich and Stephanie Moore

Vice President for Communications – Megan Shuey

Vice President for Community Affairs – Kristin Peterson

Co-Vice Presidents of Financial Affairs – Jenny Aguilar and Krystian Kozek

First Year Student Representative – Nicole Fisher

GSC Rep (EVP) – Aparna Shekar


Immediate Past President – Elizabeth Ennis

President – Kendra Oliver

Executive Vice President – Meagan Quinlan

Vice President for Academic Affairs – Rebecca Klar (replaced by Emily Warren after Becca's defense)

Vice President for Community Affairs – Cody Wenthur (replaced by Max Joffe after Cody's defense)

Vice President of Financial Affairs – Stephanie Moore

Secretary – Stephanie Moore


Previous Years 

Year President Vice President – Exec. Affairs Vice President – Acad. Affairs Vice President – Social Affairs Secretary/Treasurer
2006-2007 Jana Shirey Aaron Przybysz Julie Field Josh Brooks Jenny Madison & Lane Coffee
2007-2008 Jenny Madison Molly Fricke Jana Shirey & Bonnie Garcia Kirsten Helmcke & Nathan Mundell Jennifer Ayala & Todd Townsend
2008-2009 Molly Fricke Kirsten Helmcke Nicole Speed Christie Swan Cyndi Hill
2009-2010 Christie Swan Mark Jewell Kari Johnson Jason Downey Klarissa Hardy
2010-2011 Jason Downey Mark jewell Kari Johnson & Klarissa Hardy Michele LeNoue Katherine Betke
2011-2012 Mark Jewell Shen Yin Katherine Betke Michele LeNoue Craig Goodwin
2012-2013 Michele LeNoue Shen Yin Craig Goodwin Elizabeth Ennis Chou Mai
2013-2014 Elizabeth Ennis Rene Raphemot Becca Klar Tu (Chou) Mai Meagan Quinlan