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The Department of Pharmacology aims to expand current online learning resources. The goal of this effort is three-fold: to increase the digital literacy of current students, to showcase the rich research expertise within the Department of Pharmacology, and to reach additional students through online resources.

Summer Drug Discovery Bootcamp

The Summer Drug Discovery Bootcamp is for researchers, students, and industry professionals to gather in Nashville, Tennessee and explore the latest and most pressing topics in drug discovery. The Bootcamp consists of a 3-day workshop and 2-week online short course reinforcing critical concepts with examples, case studies, and keynote lectures.  The Bootcamp is designed to develop mastery of basic integrated skill sets that have real-world applications that can be tailored to fit the participant's career interests.  Participants will walk away from the program with a comprehensive understanding of the future of the drug development and discovery process. 

This year's Bootcamp focus is:  




The Teaching Internship in Design and Learning with Application in a Virtual Environment Program (TIDLWAVE) is designed to encourage the technical integration of digital learning theory to Pharmacology courses. The program aims to develop technically innovative instruments based on sound course design principles and use teaching-as-research approach to determine how online tools improve student learning. In the fall, interns are partnered with faculty members and design materials. In the spring, students implement their digital learning tools and design an assessment that tests the objectives of the online content. Students will receive a certificate of completion from the Department of Pharmacology following their fellowship period.

Wanna join TIDLWAVE?

Applications due September 17th, 2018