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Summer Program Information

·         Official Program Dates:  begins Monday, June 2, 2014 and ends Friday, August 2, 2014.

 ·        Campus Map:  can be found at the following URL:

·         Program Calendar of Events: can be found at the following URL:

 ·        What to Have Upon Arrival to Campus: 

   o   For payroll purposes, be sure to have two forms of identification (i.e., Driver’s license, Social Security Card,
    Passport/Visa, and/or Birth Certificate) as well as your Health Insurance Card upon arrival.

For parking pass purposes, be sure to have your vehicle registration

 ·        Summer housing (for those staying on campus)The Vanderbilt Summer Science Academy is hosted by the Office of Conferences, which provides housing and dining facilities for program participants. All students will be housed in Lewis and Morgan House during their stay. Please visit the website for Office of Conferences where you will find a lot of useful information about the dormitory (what is available in your room or common areas, internet access options etc.) as well as dining options and recreational facilities available to you.

Move in dates:  Saturday, May 31st or Sunday, June 1st between 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Move out date:  Saturday, August 3rd by 2:00 pm

The cost for housing is estimated at $28.00 per day, plus 5% accommodation tax (unavoidable), and will be deducted from your stipend.  Rooms will be assigned by the VSSA but preference will be given for which programs each participant belongs to. Students are housed in a suite that consists of two bedrooms (a single and a double), a kitchenette with full stove and refrigerator, living room, and bathroom shared between the three occupants..


·         Dining:  Apart from the dining facilities listed in the above website, the Courtyard Café in Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and the food court in Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital are also available to students. Additionally there are several eateries within walking distance of the campus on 21st. Avenue, West End Avenue and Hillsboro Village, which you may want to explore for a wide variety of food options.

 ·         Parking on Campus:  It is very important that you do not park in lots requiring a sticker or anyplace marked as “no parking,” “restricted parking,” etc.  Our enforcement people are quite diligent and you will be ticketed.  Unfortunately, our federally-funded program does not allow us reimburse you for tickets or towing.  The cost of parking on campus will be approximately $15 per month and is tentatively set to have students park in the 25th Avenue Garage.


·         Orientations/Events:  To Be Announced

 ·        Lab Safety/Training Sessions: To Be Announced

o   Biosafety Training (mandatory for all program participants) 

o   Chemical & Radiation Awareness Training (mandatory for all program participants) 

·        Weekly Departmental Meeting:  To Be Announced

·         GRE Prep Course:  To Be Announced

·         Enrichment Seminars: To Be Announced

·         Research Seminars:  To Be Announced

·         PAYROLL/STIPENDS:  To Be Announced

·         The Academy and working in the Department:  There are a number of activities planned through Vanderbilt Summer Science Academy.  These will include seminars, discussions and other get-togethers throughout the summer.  A calendar will be forwarded via email shortly and a hard-copy will be provided to all trainees once everyone arrives.

·         Professionalism and Dress Code:  All participants are expected to conduct themselves in a professional, mature, and ethical manner during organized activities and during off hours.  Our first enrichment session at the beginning of the summer is devoted to Responsible Conduct in Research and will provide an introduction to keeping a laboratory notebook, ethical dilemmas in research and in the scientific community, among other topics.  This is a requirement of NIH-training grants and ALL summer participants are required to attend.  In addition, students are expected to dress in a professional manner appropriate to the laboratory or clinical environment in which their work is being done.  This may vary depending on where they are working, but in general casual, modest attire is acceptable in the laboratory (shorts, t-shirts, tennis shoes, this may vary depending on the lab).  For those who will be in the clinic, business attire is required. 

 ·         At the end of the summer session students are required to present a poster at the Science Symposium, scheduled for Thursday, August 1st from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm and from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm. Additional details will be made available as the time approaches.

·         Poster Award Luncheon will be held on Friday, August 3rd, with further details announced later.

·         Membership in ASPET:  Since The American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET) helps to support this program, they require that participating undergraduates be student members of their organization.  Please visit ASPET’s website at and click on “membership”.  Complete and submit the Online Membership Form.  Please use Ana Carneiro as your “Sponsor #1” and ignore “Sponsor #2”.  Please use the following address here at Vanderbilt:  c/o Karen Gieg, Vanderbilt University, Department of Pharmacology, 451 Preston Research Building, Nashville, TN 37232-6600.  This is so that you will receive the initial welcome mailing, including the login information for the members-only section, while you are still here at Vanderbilt.  Once you return home, you should contact ASPET for a change of address.

·         Campus Life:  The best way to find out what’s happening on Vanderbilt is to pick up The Register (the university paper), search the VU website for events, and also stop by Sarratt Student Center or Visit their website at .  Sarratt is the “the hub of life on Vanderbilt's campus,” and is a place to hang out, catch a quick bite, browse art exhibits, or watch a movie.

As long as we are talking about the campus, one quick word about crime:  the campus, surrounding area, and Nashville are pretty safe, but not absent some crime.  Always use your best judgment and don’t walk alone after dark.  We recommend you visit the Vandy police website at for further information.

·         The Surrounding Community:  Hillsboro Village is a very cool place to hang out.  It is about 10 minutes away and there are lots of places to eat and shop.  However, restaurants abound in both directions on 21st Avenue.  SATCO across from the campus on 21st Avenue is very popular and cheap, hence its popularity with students.  You will have a lot of choices in the area. Along West End Avenue are a lot of restaurants as well as on Elliston Place, famous for Rotiers and other “Meat and 3s.”  We can give you more info about that later.

·         About Nashville:  Nashville, contrary to stereotype, is not all country, but it is Music City.  A good site to read about what’s happening in Nashville is at , then select “Your Location” as either Belmont/Hillsboro or Vanderbilt/West End for a good run-down of restaurants, etc.  There is a free alternative paper called The Nashville Scene that comes out every Wednesday afternoon that is excellent for looking for events, art exhibits, movies, etc., and can be picked up at local restaurants, markets, and so forth.  They go quickly, usually by Thursday evening, but their website is

·         Who to Contact:

Pharmacology – 451 Preston Research Building

§  Ana Carneiro at 875-5635 or (Pharmacology Program Director)

§  Karen Gieg at 2-1182 or (Pharmacology Program Coordinator)

§  Joey Neil at 3-3708 or (Pharmacology Human Resources/Payroll)

Summer Science Academy – Office of Biomedical Research Education and Training (BRET), 340 Light Hall

§  Michelle Grundy at 3-2573 or (SSA Program Director)



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