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The Teaching Internship in Design and Learning with Application in a Virtual Environment Program (TIDLWAVE) is designed to encourage the technical integration of digital learning theory to pharmacology courses at Vanderbilt University. The program aims to develop technically innovative instruments based on sound course design principles.  Using teaching-as-research approach, students will determine how their online instruments improve student learning. In the fall, interns are partnered with faculty members and design materials. In the spring, students implement their digital learning tools and design an assessment that tests the objectives of the designed content. Additionally, the TIDLWAVE interns participate in a Department of Pharmacology Summer Drug Discovery Bootcamp. 

Interested in applying for TIDLWAVE? Please complete the application below. 


Teaching-as-Research involves the deliberate, systematic, and reflective use of research methods to develop and implement teaching practices that advance the learning experiences and outcomes of students and teachers.

Participants in teaching-as-research apply a research approach to their teaching practice. Conceptual steps in the teaching-as-research process are:

  1. Learning foundational knowledge. 
  2. Creating objectives for student learning. 
  3. Developing a hypothesis for practices to achieve the learning objectives. 
  4. Defining measures of success. 
  5. Developing and implementing teaching practices related to your measures of success.
  6. Collecting and analyzing data. 
  7. Reflect, evaluate, and reiterate.

The Fellowship begins in September and lasts for a full year. In total, students will spend no more than 8 hrs per week on their TIDLWAVE digital technology project. At the end of the year fellowship, students will present their finding to the Department of Pharmacology during a mini-symposium. Ideally, students will create a blog-post, submit an educational paper, create a teaching guide, create a poster, or other tangible product highlighting their work.


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