Ronald B. Emeson, Ph.D.

Ronald B. Emeson, Ph.D.

Joel G. Hardman Professor of Pharmacology, Molecular Physiology & Biophysics and Psychiatry

Chair, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Director, Office of Animal Welfare Assurance

Interim Director, Vanderbilt Brain Institute

8140 Medical Resarch Building III (MRBIII)
(615) 936-1688

Our lab is interested in better understanding how the brain synthesizes information from multiple sensory systems (e.g., vision, hearing, touch),  Given that we are continually bombarded with sensory information, it seems intuitively obvious that one important brain function is to synthesize this mutisensory information.  Such multisensory integration enhances our ability to react to external events, as well as enriching our perception of those events and of the world.  Nonetheless, despite the ubiquity and utility of multisensory processes, surprisingly little is known about their neural bases when compared with the individual sensory systems that contribute to them.  Using a multidisciplinary approach, our lab seeks to fill this knowledge gap.