Appointment Process for Postdoctoral Fellows


Fellows will not be allowed to attend the mandatory VU or VUMC orientation without the background check

APPOINTMENT INSTRUCTIONS:  Departments, Centers, Institutes please follow instructions below.

(If you are a division of the Department of Medicine or the Department of Pediatrics, follow your department’s instructions.)

The first step is to send the prospective postdoc an offer letter.

Next step is CRITICAL.

VU Background Check:  If the postdoc accepts the offer, the background check email must be sent to her/him.  (Use VU link which is in the letter) Please copy this email to and the administrator working on the appointment.  The actual background clearance should then go to the administrator.

VUMC Background Check:  If the postdoc accepts the offer, the VUMC background check email must be sent to her/him.  (**Please note that VUMC uses a different link.)  Please copy this email to and you, as the administrator working on the appointment, will receive the emailed clearance)  Please contact Denysha Smith for additional current instructions. Once again, note the VUMC link is different from the one in the VU email regarding the background check

The background clearance from HR, the postdoctoral appointee's current Curriculum Vitae and the completed appointment request form should be scanned to Faith Bishop with the subject line as follows: REQUEST – APPOINTMENT - Full name of the new postdoc​

Appointment Request Form - PDF

Appointment Request Form - Word

The signed appointment letter will be scanned to you by email.  Please allow at least two weeks for turnaround.  If you wish to receive the original appointment letter, please request by return email including your campus address.  Otherwise the scanned letter will be considered official.

When the new hire paperwork comes to the BRET office for approval, please make sure the completed appointment form is attached.  Thank you.

Please contact Faith Bishop if you have questions.