Exit Survey

Administrators, please notify the BRET Office of Postdoctoral Affairs when any postdoctoral fellow, whether employee, trainee, or visitor, leaves so that we can terminate that fellow in the postdoctoral appointee database.  Payroll terminations should come through our office, however, that does not happen in all cases and we end up with postdocs who are no longer here with an active-current status in our database.

Additionally, It is of utmost importance for a number of reasons that each fellow who ceases to be a postdoc (this includes postdoctoral fellows who become Vanderbilt faculty or staff) complete the exit survey (link below) and provide forwarding information.  BRET Career Development and Outcomes Analysis is building a network of former graduate students and postdocs which will be a benefit to all of us - allowing postdocs to trade career information and to invite alumni speakers to our career and Postdoc Association events. As administrators we know the value of outcomes data for future funding. The survey below takes about 15 minutes to complete, and survey participants may enter a drawing for a $1000 amazon.com gift certificate, to be awarded once per year to a postdoc who completed the exit survey the previous year. The next drawing will take place in December.

The departing postdoc may log in to the exit survey website using his/her VUNet ID and password.

*An important note to postdocs who have left Vanderbilt: If you no longer have a VUNet ID and password, please email faith.t.bishop@vanderbilt.edu to access the survey.