Reappointment Process for Postdoctoral Fellows

REAPPOINTMENT INSTRUCTIONS:  If you are a division of the Department of Medicine or the Department of Pediatrics,  follow your department’s instructions.  The departments will use the following form.

Reappointment Form - PDF

Reappointment Form - Word

When completed, please scan the signed request, the postdoctoral appointee’s updated CV and his/her Individual Development Plan to:

All reappointment requests should have an updated IDP, including Visiting Research Fellows. 

Subject line should state, in caps: REQUEST – REAPPOINTMENT - Full name of the new postdoc


The reappointment letter will be scanned to you in an email.  Please allow at least two weeks for turnaround.  If you wish to receive the original appointment letter, please request by return email including your campus address.  Otherwise the scanned letter will be considered official.


If there is a salary or job code change, please make sure that this completed reappointment form is uploaded into ePac.


Contact Faith Bishop if you have questions.


FOR A BRIEF EXTENSION OF AN APPOINTMENT: One short [6 months or less] extension may be granted in certain circumstances such as covering the postdoc while a faculty appointment or another job is pending. The PI/mentor may email to request an extension.