Stipends and Salaries

Regarding Postdoctoral Research Fellow Trainees (Job Code: 9134 NON Employees receiving Stipends)

Stipends for Trainees 

From:  NIH Notice Number: NOT-OD-16-134, Release Date: August 10, 2016

** Additionally, please note:

These guidelines represent the stipends/salaries in the Basic Sciences.

**FOR TRAINEES (Job Code 9134):  The stipend chart above does not apply to a fellow supported on a previously funded NIH training award.  The training grant MUST pay the amount stated on the Notice of the Grant Award (NOGA) from the NIH.  If the PI and/or department wish to supplement the amount on the NOGA:

Supplements are to be paid from non-federal sources for trainees on federal training grants. Please indicate the correct center number(s) for the supplement on the reappointment request form.

Supplements above the Dean’s guidelines must be requested through the Departmental Chair and include specific written justification.


Regarding Postdoctoral Research Fellows (Job code: 9132 Vanderbilt Medical Center Employees receiving Salaries)

From:  Policies for Postdoctoral Research Education at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Approved by the Executive Faculty of Vanderbilt University Medical Center,
March 15, 2000

Updated by recommendation of the Postdoctoral Policy Review Committee, Fall 2013

The remuneration scales for those involved in research training as a component of a clinical residency or fellowship program may differ from those of a postdoctoral research training program devoted entirely to research, recognizing differences in background and training. The remuneration for participants in clinical residency or fellowship programs is documented in detail in the house staff policy statement and is not further addressed in this document.

It is the policy of Vanderbilt University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center that the minimum salary for a postdoctoral research fellow should be equal to that paid by an NIH NRSA fellowship for an equivalent number of years of experience (with appropriate development and productivity). This policy does not apply to a fellow supported on an NIH research grant which was funded before the new payment scale was announced. The stipend of a postdoctoral research fellow of between 0-3 years of experience can be supplemented at the wish of the preceptor by no more than $4,000. Additional supplementation requires permission of the Dean of the Medical School. For a qualified postdoctoral fellow with more than 3 years of experience, the institution does not limit the level of remuneration, except that it should not be less than the NIH scale. A mentor proposing to hire a postdoctoral fellow who has been employed for a number of years in an area not relevant to the current research activities may negotiate a level of support commensurate with the postdoctoral fellow's skills and background.

The appointment letter does not guarantee salary support. In the event that financial support for a postdoctoral fellow is reduced or terminated by an action outside the control of the preceptor, the postdoctoral fellow may face the loss of his/her salary if there are no other financial resources within that laboratory. It is rare that a preceptor would have less than 3 months warning of this upcoming situation, and the postdoctoral fellow should be apprised of the problem at the earliest possible time so that alternative plans can be developed in a timely fashion. The BRET Office of Postdoctoral Affairs is charged with facilitating this process as speedily as possible.