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June 1, 2017

Hello postdocs!

We are planning to send you all one VPA email at the beginning of the month and encourage you to visit our website for timely info on upcoming events. 

VPA Elections call for nominations is now OPEN. If you or someone you know is interested in a position on the executive board and you have questions, just email us! 
Elected Positions are: 
Senior Co-Chair (President)
Junior Co-Chair (Vice President)

This year we hope to have a larger board with appointed positions, so if you don’t get the position you want there are still many ways to be involved.


Please send nominations (name, short bio, why you want to serve on the VPA executive board) to Laura Daniel (laura.l.daniel@vanderbilt.edu)

VPA Elections will take place in July 2017. 

Have an exciting publication you want to spotlight?
We are adding a new section to our website that highlights recent publications by our postdocs. If you have a publication or are interested in writing a 150 word summary of someone else’s publication, please email Laura Daniel (laura.l.daniel@vanderbilt.edu).


Please enjoy the latest edition of the POSTDOCket (The newsletter of the National Postdoc Association) including an article by our very own, Chris Smith!


Don’t forget: There are Great Resources on the National Postdoctoral Association’s Website

Including: Webinars, Job Board, and more

VPA Events this month:

6/1 Call for nominations for VPA Executive Board
6/5 at noon VPA/CBAS Seminar (see details below)
6/22 VPA Monthly Meeting and Happy Hour – 5pm at Sportsman’s Grille on 21st
One beer or wine provided by VPA


CBAS VPA Monthly Seminar

The seminar will be held on the first Monday of every month from 12 – 1 pm at 512 Light Hall. Pizza will be served.

2017 Schedule of Postdoc Talks (last talk until the Fall)

June 5, 2017: Dr. Rami Diab, Department of Surgery
Obesity, metabolic syndrome, and chronic kidney disease

Please let Chris Smith (christopher.t.smith@vanderbilt.edu) know if you have any questions or are interested in presenting.


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Postdoc Talk Volume 1 Issue 2

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