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Professional Degrees

Single Degrees

Doctor of Medicine

Master of Science in Applied Clinical Informatics

Master of Science in Clinical Investigation

Master of Genetic Counseling

Master of Public Health

Doctor of Audiology

Master of Education of the Deaf

Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology

Doctorate of Medical Physics

Master of Science in Medical Physics

The Master of Laboratory Investigation Program closed effective August 31, 2020, and is no longer operational. Program graduates wishing to obtain a transcript may request one through the University Registrar. Contact Donna Rosenstiel with questions.

Dual Degrees

For all M.D. dual degrees, except the M.D./Ph.D., the first three years are normally spent in the medical school program. Ideally, students will apply for dual degree status before enrolling in either degree program. However, M.D. students may elect to apply for admission to a recognized dual degree program at any time during their first three years in the medical school. Students who apply for admission to the medical school during their first year in another recognized dual degree may also be considered for dual degree status.

In most cases, after year three of the M.D. curriculum, students begin work on their other degree program. Depending on the other program, students may complete the second degree before returning to the medical school. The dual degree program allows students to reduce the period of time required to complete each degree separately, usually eliminating one full year of study.

Due to the blended nature of dual degree experiences, participating students are expected to abide by the School of Medicine Honor Code and to maintain the professional standards of the M.D. degree while participating in the alternate degree program, in addition to complying with any standards established by that alternate program. If a student is concerned that expectations between programs may be in conflict, s/he should confer with the associate dean for medical student affairs.

Medical Scientist Training Program (M.D. / Ph.D.)

M.D. / J.D.

M.D. / M.S. in Biomedical Informatics

M.D. / M.Div.

M.D. / M.T.S.

M.D. / M.Ed.

M.D. / M.P.H.

M.D. / MBA

M.D. / M.A. in Medicine, Health, and Society


M.P.H./M.Ed. (International Education Policy and Management)

M.P.H./M.A. (Latin American Studies)