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Adult Psychiatry


Faculty in the Division of Adult Psychiatry integrate training, treatment, and research in all of the psychiatric disorders affecting adults. Clinical teaching within research-driven services allows constant practice updates with evidence from the cutting-edge.

Vanderbilt’s easily accessible colleagues from psychology, pharmacology, molecular neuroscience, genetics, and neuroimaging collaborate in a wide range of research and also teaching and clinical activities.  Studies focusing on phenomenology, molecular and physiological mechanisms, and psychological and pharmacological treatments of mental illness span the needs of patients, trainees, researchers, and clinicians.

Our teaching also builds on a solid understanding of psychodynamic theory and practice, providing research-quality, highly specific training and clinical services in a full range of therapeutic modalities including group therapy, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, dialectical behavior therapy, brief dynamic therapies, as well as the integration of psychotherapeutic and pharmacological interventions. The goal of our teaching is the development of both clinical researchers and well-rounded, broadly-based psychiatrists.

To schedule an appointment with a provider in the Adult Psychiatry outpatient practice, please call (615)936-3555.

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