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Psychiatry Residents - 4th Year

Name:  Nara Granja Ingram
Hometown:  Recife, Brazil
College/Medical School:  Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
Interests in Psychiatry:  Inpatient adult psychiatry, psychotherapy
Other interests:  Biking (actually, I ride a tricycle which is much more fun than a bike!), reading, hiking, swimming, and travelling around small towns in rural areas.


Name:  Natalie Jacobowski
Hometown:  Orland Park, IL
College:  Vanderbilt University
Medical School:  Vanderbilt University
Interests in Psychiatry:  Child psychiatry, palliative care, psycho-oncology, medical student and resident education
Other Interests:  Although I still consider my hometown roots to be in Chicago, I hate winter.  The warmer weather in Tennessee initially attracted me to Nashville and I’ve enjoyed the city and Vanderbilt so much that I’ve been here for over 10 years.  In addition to the weather (and my amusement as a “Northerner” of how every winter people stock up on bread/groceries and cancel school with the appearance of any snow flurries!), Nashville is a friendly city with some great local and state parks to enjoy the outdoor beauty that Tennessee has to offer.  I also enjoy dancing (swing dance/lindy hop), cooking, spending time with friends, and my new favorite stress-relieving activity that I have become somewhat addicted to in residency: manicures and pedicures with my fellow female residents!

Name:  Brittany Peters
Hometown:  Chapin, SC
College:  Wofford College
Medical School:  Medical University of South Carolina
Interests in Psychiatry:  CAP, autism
Other Interests:  Hiking, camping, yoga, finding new restaurants


  Ira Phillips
Hometown:  Gadsden, AL
College:  MIT (undergrad), Harvard (graduate school),
Medical School:  Vanderbilt University
Interests in Psychiatry:  Adult psychotherapy
Other interests:  Rugby, working out, reading, cooking without recipes, and spending time with my family.


Name:  Sankrant Reddy
Hometown:  Brentwood, TN
College:  Tennessee State University
Medical School:  St. Matthews School of Medicine
Interests in Psychiatry:  Inpatient, Prison, and Addiction
Other interests:  My hobbies & interests include sports/working out, cars, saltwater aquariums, and spending time with my family and friends. My wife and I enjoy hosting our friends at our home but also enjoy checking out new restaurants in town.

Name:  Jodi Weinstein
Hometown:  Miami, Florida
College:  Yale
Medical School:  Vanderbilt
Interests in Psychiatry:  I am curious about the physiologic mechanisms underlying neuropsychiatric disorders and their treatments. My 'grand plan' is to balance my clinical work with functional neuroimaging research in chronic psychiatric illnesses including schizophrenia and mood disorders. Before medical school, I worked in architecture design. I strive to bring my architecture sensibility to my psychiatric practice and research. For me, the dynamic relationship of form and function within the brain is the coolest architecture of all -- and the next frontier.
Other interests:  Listening to live music, watching movies at the Belcourt theater, going to hockey games (Go Preds!), snowboarding (sadly not in Nashville), running at Percy Warner Park, having brunch at the Garden Brunch Cafe, oil painting, flow yoga, and talking & laughing with friends.

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