Core Policies

Core Policies

Access and Use of Facility

1. Entering of the core is restricted to card-key access. Access has to be granted by the DAC and requires an active animal protocol as well as a one-hour training session that includes a tour of the core.  For tour information please contact, the DAC manager of the Neurobehavioral Cores.

2.  Following training with the DAC manager a one hour orientation session with the Core manager is required before working in the core.  Please contact for appointment.

3.  Following orientation, a signed User Agreement complete with billable center number must be submitted to the Core manager.

4. Once training is complete, reservations for use of equipment are done on-line (see tab).

5. Reservation of test rooms require the supply of a cost center number.

6. Prior to reserving a test room a mandatory one hour training session with Randy Barrett is required. A fund number will have to be furnished.

7. Rats to be tested in the Neurobehavioral Core must be ordered from a vendor that abides by pathogen-free standards and shipped directly to the on-site vivarium for housing. This restriction is designed to minimize the spread of pathogens through the use of shared equipment.

Cleaning SOP for Rat Neurobehavioral Core

Proper cleaning and disinfection of all apparatus, work surface and floor is required after each use of the Rat Neurobehavioral Core.

1.  Clean all equipment thoroughly.  Use MB-10 solution and Nolvasan  to disinfect.  This is provided by the facility.  Please note that MB-10 requires 5 min exposure to disinfect.  At the conclusion of your experiment and cleaning the equipment, you must spray down all surfaces (including door handles) that have come in contact with rats or bedding and let sit for 5 min.

2.  Use paper towels to remove all remaining liquid residue.

3.  Sweep and mop the floor.

As described in the User Agreement, failure to properly clean the room after use may lead to notification of the PI, fines and possible loss of facility privileges.