Core Services

The Rat Neurobehavioral Laboratory is a state-of –the-art rat behavioral testing facility that operates as a core for VUMC and Vanderbilt University investigators.  The facility is outfitted with multiple rooms of equipment for the purpose of behavioral testing as well as fully equipped surgery and procedure rooms.  Core Personnel provide training for Research Assistants, students and investigators in basic behavioral testing and data management.  Investigators interested in using Core services should contact Dr. Randy Barrett.  

Examples of assays available for research in rats are summarized below.  For complete information on the assays, click on the model (VUNet ID and Password required).

1. Models of anxiety:

  • Elevated Plus Maze
  • Elevated Zero Maze
  • Open Field
  • Light/Dark Chambers
  • Geller-Seifter Conflict Procedure

2. Models of Depression

  • Forced Swim
  • Tail Suspension

3. Learning and Memory

  • 5-Choice Serial Reaction Time
  • Conditioned Freezing
  • Morris Water Maze
  • T-Maze
  • Novel Object

4. Motor Activity

  • Rotorod
  • Locomotor Activity Chambers

5. Attention

  • 5 Choice Serial Reaction Time

6. Social Interaction

  • Video Taped Analysis

7. Drug Abuse

  • Drug Self-Administration
  • Conditioned Place Preference
  • Drug Discrimination

8. Pain

  • Hot –plate

9. Sensorimotor Gating

  • Prepulse Inhibition

10. Surgery