Dr. Brittany Peters

March 2, 2011

I am pleased to announce that Brittany Peters, M.D., is the latest recipient of the Vanderbilt Medical School Candle Award. Dr. Peters is a resident in the Department of Pediatrics. The honor was presented on the morning of February 15 by Michelle Shepard (VMS IV) at Grand Rounds for the Department of Pediatrics.

The Candle Award is given by Vanderbilt medical students to faculty, house staff and others at VUMC who demonstrate an exceptional commitment to the education of medical students. Dr. Peters supervises and mentors 3rd and 4th year medical students on clinical rotations.

One student had the following to say about Peters:

"At one point I expressed my trouble with identifying heart murmurs in children. Upon hearing this Dr. Peters took me to the cardiac floor and sought permission from the parents of numerous patients there to allow me to listen to their murmurs. I consider this to be the most educational experience I had during my entire time on the rotation and this resident really went out of her way to make it happen."

"She was the most educationally oriented resident I have met during my time on the wards thus far. Instead of making me do menial 'scut' work in my spare time, she would consistently take time out from her own commitments to ensure that my pediatrics education was well rounded and that it included exposure to conditions not present in our unit. Throughout the whole experience she was extremely patient and her main concern was to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. Without a doubt I think she deserves this award."

We extend our sincerest and most deserved congratulations to Dr. Peters.