Dr. Nicole Herring

February 18, 2010

photo_nicoleherring.jpgI am pleased to announce that Nicole Herring, Ph.D. is the latest recipient of the Vanderbilt Medical School Candle Award. Dr. Herring is a fellow in the Department of Pharmocology, a fellow in the Scientist-Educator Program and a teaching assistant for the medical school's Structure, Function & Development course. The honor was presented this afternoon by Elyne Kahn (VMS III) at a meeting of the first year class of medical students.

The Candle Award is given by Vanderbilt medical students to faculty, house staff and others at VUMC who demonstrate an exceptional commitment to the education of medical students. We are very pleased to present the award to Dr. Herring, who has taught anatomy to the first year class for the past two years.

Students had the following to say about Herring:

"She takes difficult concepts, and takes the time to boil them down so we understand them."

"It doesn't matter how simple the anatomy or how many times we ask the same question, she always responds with understanding and kindness."

"She is a fun, personable, and understanding person.  Truly a pleasure to work with in lab.  She is a great teacher and shows genuine concern for our success!"

"She has gone above and beyond her role and the entire first year class has benefited from her dedication."

"I truly feel as if there is no one more deserving of the recognition that accompanies this award, and I am very pleased that Vanderbilt entrusts its medical students to such a wonderful teaching staff."

We extend our sincerest and most deserved congratulations to Dr. Herring.