Dr. William Heerman

December 8, 2010

william-heerman.jpgI am pleased to announce that William Heerman, M.D. is the latest recipient of the Vanderbilt Medical School Candle Award. Dr. Heerman a resident in the Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics. The honor was presented on the morning of December 2 by Jennifer Dang (VMS II) at Chief's Conference for the Department of Pediatrics.

The Candle Award is given by Vanderbilt medical students to faculty, house staff and others at VUMC who demonstrate an exceptional commitment to the education of medical students. Dr. Heerman supervises and mentors 3rd and 4th year medical students on clinical rotations.

One student had the following to say about Heerman:

"For the first week on service with him, I could not wrap my mind around electrical axis in the interpretation of EKG's. Literally every day, he would re-draw the axis, explain it, and quiz me until it sank in. Thanks to his patience, I can approach nearly any EKG systematically..."

"He filled nearly every spare minute of down-time with some sort of explanation, tutorial, mnemonic, or assignment. Ten minutes waiting for a thoracentesis kit? Time to review causes of hypothyroidism. Five minutes before call? Time to go over my problem lists and plans for my patients. A lull on call? Let's do a round-table discussion on rheumatological conditions..."

"[When I worked with him] there was no such thing as boredom, no such thing as wasted time..."

"I could not have asked for a better resident. Apart from the countless sessions going over medical information and building clinical reasoning skills, he taught by example. He exhibited constant dedication to his patients, his profession, and his team. I cannot think of a teacher more deserving of this honor."

We extend our sincerest and most deserved congratulations to Dr. Heerman.