Academic Advising

Students who need extra academic support have access to tutors in all core science courses. They may also request tutoring through course directors. Alternatively, course directors may recommend tutoring. Dr. Cathy Pettepher, the Student Assistance Director, conducts learning style assessments for entering students and provides ongoing support as needs arise. Students who have concerns about their academic performance or issues that interfere with their ability to study should not hesitate to speak to Dean Amy Fleming for advice and encouragement, or to reach out to their College Mentors. Third-year students receive extensive advising on clerkships and elective subspecialties, and seniors have mock interview opportunities. College Mentors work closely with students and Dean Fleming to help schedule the fourth year according to each student's specialty choice. College Mentors also counsel students on the residency application process and offer assistance with CVs and personal statements. Finally, all seniors meet formally with Dean Fleming for one hour, after which she completes the Medical Student Performance Evaluation, also known as the "Dean's Letter."