Academic Advising

From individualized learning style assessments and tutoring, to clerkships and mock interviews, medical school students receive personalized academic advising throughout their four years at Vanderbilt. Learn more here.

Personal Advising

On balance, the life of a medical student is fun and rewarding, though subject to stress. A huge body of knowledge must be mastered, and new clinical skills must be acquired. Students may struggle with personal relationships, finances, and any number of issues people normally face. Click here to learn more about the many resources available to students.

Career Advising

The moment you receive your acceptance to medical school, you may think that all of your career decisions are over. You are going to be a doctor! Of course, this moment is short lived, and you soon learn that there are many specialities, some of which you didn't even know existed. And there are other decisions—community vs. academic practice, research vs. clinical, urban vs. rural vs. international. While you are here, you will have many opportunities to explore career options that intrigue you. Find out more here.