CCO, SCC, and Student Organizations

VUSM Council of Class Officers 

The Council of Class Officers (CCO) serves to support and advance the interests of various student groups at VUSM, individual classes, and the student body as a whole. The CCO is made up of elected officers from each class and meets monthly to discuss issues, concerns, and opportunities for students. Representatives of VUSM administration attend CCO meetings in order to facilitate ongoing communication and collaboration between administration and students. The CCO also works in conjunction with VUSM student organizations (e.g., Student Wellness Committee, Careers in Medicine, Student Technology Committee, etc.) to best represent and respond to the needs of the MD student body. More information about the Council of Class Officers may be obtained online at

VUSM Student Curriculum Committee 

The Vanderbilt University School of Medicine faculty values students' perspectives on their education, and its members invite students to take an active role in shaping the VUSM curriculum. The Student Curriculum Committee (SCC) is the official body through which medical students provide feedback to course instructors, voice opinions about their medical education, and effect changes to the VUSM curriculum.

The Student Curriculum Committee reports to the Undergraduate Medical Education Executive Committee (UMEC), the VUSM committee that has primary responsibility for planning and maintaining the medical school curriculum. The Undergraduate Medical Education Executive Committee takes students' opinions very seriously and values their input. More information about the VUSM Student Curriculum Committee is available online at

VUSM Honor Council

The Honor Council in the School of Medicine serves to investigate reported violations of the Honor Code as well as remind students and faculty of the importance of adhering to the code, which is done through annual signing of the Honor Code, informing faculty and students of the proceedings of an honor council investigation and hearing, and being a point-of-contact for questions pertaining to the Honor Code. Representatives are elected each year in both MD and non-MD degree programs under the School of Medicine. View the list of current Honor Council members.

VUSM Student Organizations 

A multitude of student organizations exist by and for medical students at VUSM. Participation in student organizations provides an opportunity for socializing, for development of leadership skills and for a break from the stresses of medical education. Students are encouraged to become involved in groups that speak to their interests and to start new groups. More information about VUSM student organizations is available online at


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