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Pathway to Match

September – December

  • Begin the immersion phase of the curriculum. Use this time to continue exploring career opportunities and spending time in areas of interest.
  • Start thinking about dual degree and year-out programs.

January – March

  • Select faculty advisors and schedule initial and follow-up visits with them.



  • Send your college mentor your CV and personal statement via email for review prior to your MSPE appointment.
  • Arrange MSPE interview with the Associate Dean for Medical Student Affairs ‑ do this early and have CV and personal statement ready by time of interview.
  • Upload your “Noteworthy Characteristics” to the MSPE online system no later than 2 weeks prior to your MSPE appointment.
  • Begin gathering residency information.
  • Military match – check deadlines, even if applying for deferments.​

June – August

  • Those applying into Emergency Medicine need to sign up for and complete the SVI. Tips for navigating the SVI process can be found using this link: SVI-Tips-2019-2020. ​
  • Research residency training programs through AMA’s FREIDA or the ACGME.
  • NON-ERAS applications should be sent to programs prior to their stated deadline. Each program sets its own deadlines.
  • Arrange to have faculty letters of recommendation written and submitted through ERAS website. This capability is already open in ERAS. If you do not have an ERAS token yet please contact Katherine Anderson.


  • National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) information and registration available online. Everyone except Oral Surgery students must join the match.
  • Read over MSPE to submit corrections for any errors.
  • ERAS Post office opens for applicants, schools, and programs to submit and receive applications. National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) registration opens. Applicants will have the ability to start submitting applications earlier than this date (will be announced once published). The applications will not release until September 15th, but can be prepared early.
  • For ERAS applications, submit ON SEPTEMBER 15TH! ERAS now opens for you to submit applications early on September 6th and they will then release September 15th. Many programs give interviews on a “1st come, 1st serve” basis. Even a few days to a week delay can make a huge difference in interview invitations.

September – December

  • ​Begin to arrange interviews. Some programs will not grant an interview until all materials have been received and/or reviewed. Consider calling to assure your application is complete. Call or respond early as some programs fill interview spots quickly.
  • October 1st: MSPEs are sent through the ERAS post office to the programs.
  • ​Submit application for extra loan money if needed for interviews and/or relocation.  Applications are available in the Financial Services Office, 303 Light Hall.
  • Interviews!


  • Results of military matches/deferments announced.


  • Rank order lists due for ophthalmology and urology. Check each match for specific dates as they are also announced in January.


  • Deadline for Applicants and Programs to enter Rank order lists on the NRMP- R3 web page.


  • MATCH DAY! Results of NRMP are announced at 11:00 a.m. CST. This event takes place in Langford Auditorium. Bring $1 for the Fishbowl (the last person called receives all the $$$!) and plan to attend the reception afterwards.

March – April

  • Hospitals and programs send letters of appointment or contracts to students matched at their institutions.