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Wellness Student Leaders


We coordinate efforts of all committee members and provide a connection point between faculty advisors, the Office of Student Affairs, and the Student Wellness Committee. We aid in selection of committee chairs and provide support for all initiatives carried out by the Student Wellness Committee. The presidents manage the budget and serve as a contact point for Wellness programs at other medical schools. It is the responsibility of the presidents to ensure that the SWC is continually searching for ways to evaluate and improve itself while integrating new ideas into practice.

Jaclyn Lee & Cooper March

Mentoring Committee

The Senior Mentoring Wellness Committee Chairs are responsible for promoting the academic mentoring and personal wellness of Vanderbilt medical students. We coordinate the Student Affiliate Advisor program by selecting senior students dedicated to providing mentoring to junior students and organizing wellness events for their College. We oversee SAA involvement in larger medical school activities such as College Retreats, College Cup, and orientation events such as MAG and MOO. We also organize the faculty mentoring program within the Advisory College framework and coordinate events such as “Intro to the Wards.”

Matt Lan & Clarissa Liu

As Junior Mentoring Chairs, we match bigs and littles to create diverse and engaging college communities, oversee the Big/Little Program, and foster communication and bonding between the first- and second-year classes. We organize sporting events and big/little activities, and oversee academic mentoring for first year class (including tutorials, block overviews, and need-to-knows).

Eki Olumese & Clara Si

Body Committee

The goal of the Body Committee is to facilitate physical wellness as a routine in the Vanderbilt community’s lifestyle. Physical wellness does not need to be daunting or seemingly unreasonable in the medical professional’s life. In fact, it should be just the opposite! As future physicians and teachers for the community, it is our responsibility to care for our own bodies so as to lead by example for the patients that we will someday treat. As such, the Body Committee offers a number of ways to heighten, simplify, and learn about your body-mind well-being. We hope that our programing will serve as a source of inspiration, education, and stress relief. We wish you the very best in caring for yourself so that you may care for others. Most importantly, we hope to help you in any way so that you may make the most of your time at Vanderbilt. Relax and enjoy! Some of our activities include College Cup, Stairing Contest, Nutrition Education, and Lunatic’s Lunacy Run.

Chesley Ekelem & Cullen Moran

Social Committee

The Social Committee organizes events that offers students the ability to take a break from clinical duties, to relax, and to have fun. These events also bring the entire medical school together creating a community and providing times to make connections with students in other years. The committee also collaborates with the Super Social Committee to streamline and improve medical school social events. The social committee plans an outdoor activity in early fall such as paddle boarding or floating down a river, College Cup after party, and Night at the Gallery.

Alan Tang & Kelly Vittetoe

Mind Committee

The mission of the Mind Committee is to promote the mental wellbeing of students through community-oriented programs that highlight the importance of mental health and equip students with the tools to recognize and address issues of stress, anxiety, depression, and burnout. We introduce students to practices including meditation, yoga, and counseling to help them maintain a healthy mental and/or spiritual life. Our activities include collaborations with the University Psychological Counseling Center (UCC), Puppies and Popsicles, Sips and Strokes, Night at the Osher, and Mindful Eating.

LeAnn Lam, Katie McKay, & Lydia McKeithan

University Committee

The goal of the University committee is to connect VUSM Wellness with the greater Vanderbilt University community, including the undergraduate school and other graduate programs. We aim to help medical students navigate through the various wellness resources available across campus and promote wellness-oriented activities happening around VU. Our goals are to maintain an updated list of wellness resources and events on campus, as well as to establish partnerships with other programs and introduce new approaches to promoting students’ well-being through speakers and workshops.

Shirley Chen & Sarah Reed 

Social Rounds Committee

As Social Rounds committee chairs, we host monthly gatherings for the medical student community. This school-wide function serves as a meeting point for students and faculty from across the institution to bond and catch up while enjoying light appetizers and beverages. While the intent for these events is primarily to provide time to relax and get to know students and faculty from across the medical school, we hope students will use it as an opportunity to engage in mentoring other students. Social rounds occur once a month throughout the school year and we hope you will join us in the fun and wellness!

James Jordano & Alice Liao

Education & Research Committee

The goal of the Education & Research Committee is to continue to expand the knowledge of wellness within our School of Medicine community and our Wellness Committee, as well as evaluate the success of our Wellness program. We aim to stay up-to-date on popular topics in medicine by reviewing research data, and fostering discussion on the best ways to stay healthy through journal clubs. We are also implementing a school-wide survey to assess the state of Wellness within VUSM and continue to track our progress over time.

Carolyn Ahlers & Victoria Lawson