About Us

The Office of Medical Student Research offers training and resources to medical students and research faculty involved in medical student training. 

Student Research Training Within the Curriculum

As an element of the medical school curriculum, the overarching mission of Medical Student Research Curriculum at Vanderbilt is to educate our students about biomedical research through a series of coursework, training and experience in order to help them develop their critical thinking, innovation, leadership, and moral and civic capacities to the fullest. The aim of this research education is the cultivation of physicians with a rich awareness of not only the clinical realm, but also the research method, the critical evaluation of research, and the understanding of the contribution of research to our clinical evidence base, so that they may be physicians who can effectively serve and lead in their chosen professions.

Additional Research Training for Medical Students at Vanderbilt and Beyond

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the wealth of research opportunities both at Vanderbilt and beyond, including year-long, short-term and summer training programs. Our Office assists students by providing information about upcoming opportunities and by helping students identify programs of interest. 

Resources for Students

To enable students to excel in their research endeavors both within and outside of the curriculum, a variety of resources are made available including travel funding, links to research-supporting agencies at Vanderbilt, and research-related education resources. Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the extensive research infrastructure at Vanderbilt.

Training and Support for Research Faculty

Our Office provides support for research faculty interested in mentoring medical students as well as for faculty participating in our research courses. The Vanderbilt Research Mentor Development program is offered to those interested in providing medical students with a mentored research experience, with the goal of aiding in the enhancement of mentor/mentee relationships. Small group facilitator training is offered to faculty participating in our research courses.

Resources for Faculty

To best support our medical students, a variety of resources is offered to faculty who serve as research mentors and course faculty, such as template language for grant proposals, training and support for faculty, and mentor matching with students.