Inquiry Curriculum


Research within the Curriculum

The involvement of medical professionals in the biomedical research enterprise is invaluable due to their position of direct access to patients, evidence-based knowledge of diseases and therapeutics and perspective regarding health systems and the policies that govern. Research education, training and experience is integrated throughout the medical school curriculum in order to cultivate physicians with the knowledge and skill base critical to the clinical practice of medicine, the conduct of biomedical research, and leadership in any arena of medicine. Students will participate in research-focused coursework and training in the first two years, and a 1 month project planning course followed by 3 to 6 months of full-time mentored research during years 3 and/or 4. Students may elect to work in a variety of methodological areas sparking their clinical specialty and research interests.

Within the research curriculum, students will:

  • learn the importance and relevance of biomedical research
  • gain exposure to research and faculty
  • receive training in the fundamentals of research and scientific communication
  • acquire hands-on experience conducting research in a chosen area
  • improve research, professional, and social skills – inquisitiveness, observation, critical thinking, teamwork, leadership, effective communication, innovation

We believe that whether or not students actively pursue a career in academic medicine, the skills developed and research conducted during this program will be critical to their success as a physician and a leader.