Mentor Expectations & Information

Mentor Overview

In Curriculum 2.0, Vanderbilt MD students are required to complete a 3-6 block research project during the Immersion Phase (last two years of the MD curriculum).  These blocks may be contiguous or spread out based on the specific nature of the project, with mentor input and approval. 

An overview of the Inquiry Curriculum in Curriculum 2.0 and the Program Handbook can be found here.

The Office of Medical Student Research provides mentor support funds (unrestricted) to the mentor’s cost center to support the student’s research involvement.  Suggestions for use of these funds include:  student travel reimbursement, statistical software, VICTR funds matching, lab supplies, poster printing, etc. 

Timing for Student Research

Students should identify a research mentor and project to be involved in by the end of their second year in the MD curriculum (June), with some latitude afforded to students that have not decided the direction of their interests.  Students must have a completed project plan by no later than the end of September of their 4th year of medical school (though we recommend they begin their project no later than April of their 3rd year so that they may share products on their residency applications). 

Overall Mentor Expectations

  • Assist student in planning their project by setting reasonable, attainable goals & establishing a timeline for completion of the project
  • Meet with the student on a regular basis
  • Direct the Immersion project of the medical student
  • Provide an environment that is intellectually stimulating, emotionally supportive, safe and free of harassment
  • Hold students accountable for their time and effort by following the expectations of the Immersion Absence Policy

For more specific mentor expectation details, please see our Research Mentor Overview document.

Mentor Agreement Form

In preparation for beginning their Research Immersion, each student must work with their Research Mentor to develop their project.  To facilitate setting the stage for this process and the Immersion to follow, we require students to submit a "Mentor Agreement Form" (REDCap) signed by their mentor.  You are welcome to review this document in preparation for working with an Immersion student.