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How do Vanderbilt mentors support VMS medical students?

Hear what a few of our students have to say . . . .

“Dr. Esbenshade challenged me to become a better researcher throughout each aspect of our project, from the initial design to data collection to statistical analysis. I now use these skills every day as part of my Medical Scholars research year, and I’m so thankful he took the time to teach me!”

– Stephanie Hadley


“My mentor supported me taking on a very important project which involved talking with leadership at the top hospitals across the country. This was an incredible learning and networking experience. Dr. Langerman constantly challenged me to step outside my comfort zone in both my data analytics and writing skills, as well as introduced me to resources in multiple departments to strengthen our projects and better our research. I value his multifaceted background- being able to see how a surgeon can balance research in both ethics as well as engineering to create a broad and truly unique approach to the operating room has been fascinating and inspirational for my career moving forward.”  – Megan Mitchell


“I cannot express how grateful I am for Dr. Cutrer’s mentorship during my research immersion. He gave me space to develop and pursue my own project, delved into the literature alongside me in constructing our research question, and introduced me to other fantastic collaborators such as Regina Russell who provided their own mentorship during and beyond my RI project. He also helped me take advantage of the experience to develop my identity as a medical educator, from working with me in Curriculum Committee and other co-curricular activities to helping develop my professional vision in Learning Communities.”   – Vishesh Jain


“I worked with Dr. Seth Scholer to test a newly-developed screening tool to detect unhealthy parenting and childhood adversity in pediatric primary care. Dr. Scholer’s perspective as both a clinician and a researcher is invaluable – he understands the delicate balance between scientific rigor and clinical applicability, and was able to help me frame this work with both of these factors in mind. I was lucky to spend my research immersion learning from a compassionate physician who aims to mitigate childhood trauma, and I am excited to better integrate ACEs screening and trauma-informed care into my future practice in underserved family medicine.”

– Katy Anthony

Shervin Etemad in Boston with his mentor, Dr. Benjamin Poulose

   Shervin Etemad with his mentor, Dr. Benjamin Poulose


“For me I think the best part of working with my mentor (Dr. Lovvorn) was seeing how passionate he was about the topic. I had little to no knowledge about our subject (pediatric renal tumors) prior to working with him, but after just a few meetings his excitement was contagious.”   – Kevin Neuzil


“I am so grateful to have had the mentorship of Dr. Alicia Beeghly-Fadiel and Dr. Fiona Yull. They both challenged me to learn new research skills and analytic methods that I will without a doubt continue to use throughout my training and career. Dr. Beeghly-Fadiel taught me methods used in epidemiology to understand cancer outcomes from a population perspective, while Dr. Yull bolstered my knowledge of the molecular biology underlying disease progression. They both encouraged me to pursue the research questions that captured my imagination and gave me the tools to do so. Our work together has not only solidified my desire to pursue a career as a research physician, but has also contributed to my personal development, thereby putting me on the path to do so.”   – Demetra Hufnagel


“Dr. Vasilevskis enabled me to conduct a self-designed research project by providing an invaluable mix of autonomy, structure, and support. My research questions evolved with time, which he used as an opportunity to teach me about a wide range of research methods. His continued support, despite the fact that my ultimate research question fell outside his area of expertise, showed how deeply invested he was in my personal development as a researcher.”   –  Kelly Schuering