Opportunity: Cardiology Research

October 12, 2016
Posted in Opportunities

Are you still looking for a research immersion project, or want to get more research experience?

The Emergency Medicine and Cardiovascular Medicine departments are looking for a third year or year-out medical student who will be more or less immediately available (October) to help out with a joint research project evaluating the ED Cardiology Triage program here at Vanderbilt.

The Cardiology Triage program consists of a core group of 7 general cardiologists who provide consultation to the ED (by telephone and/or in person) during weekday business hours. Working in tandem with ER physicians, the Triage Cardiology program has helped facilitate discharges of 15-20% of the patients for whom its input is requested. An account of initial experience with this program was published as a Correspondence in Am J of Emergency Medicine in 2015.

This group now wants to do a follow-up study assessing the safety (i.e. outcomes) of patients discharged and of patients who underwent additional testing following evaluation.

Please contact w.kelly.wu@vanderbilt.edu if you are interested in this project, or if you have other questions. Great group of faculty. Great guidance. Very supportive of med student taking ownership of parts of the project and manuscript. Good record of putting out publications in AJEM.