Poster Printing


Students who need a poster printed for their conference/meeting must use the BRET Poster Printing service. Off campus poster printing will not be reimbursed. Students should follow the process outlined below. Unlike other expenses, students are not required to pay out-of-pocket for their poster printing; OMSR will submit the order for the student and deduct the expense from their available travel reimbursement funds. Keep in mind that costs may increase for "rush service", so please plan accordingly. 

Poster Printing Process

1 - Prepare your poster file adhering to the conference/meeting guidelines.

2 - Review the BRET poster printing website for printing options and pricing.

3 - When you are ready to have your poster printed, contact OMSR with the following information:

  • Size of poster
  • Poster finish (matte, glossy, or fabric)
  • Desired pickup date
  • If you need a poster tube

4 - OMSR will submit the order in the CORES system within 1 business day, normally.

5 - OMSR will notify you when the order has been placed and provide you with the confirmation number.

6 - Email your file to the BRET office,, including the confirmation number and desired specifications.

7 - Pickup your poster from the BRET office when it is completed. 

8 - The expense of the poster will be deducted from your available travel reimbursement funds.