• Melancon BJ, Lamers AP, Bridges TM, Sulikowski GA, Utley TJ, Sheffler DJ, Noetzel MJ, Morrison RD, Daniels JS, Niswender CM, Jones CK, Conn PJ, Lindsley CW, Wood MR. Development of a more highly selective M(1) antagonist from the continued optimization of the MLPCN Probe ML012. Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters. 2012 Jan 15;22(2). 1044-8. PMID: 22197142 [PubMed]. PMCID: PMC3434972. NIHMSID: NIHMS346753.


This Letter describes the continued optimization of an MLPCN probe molecule (ML012) through an iterative parallel synthesis approach. After exploring extensive modifications throughout the parent structure, we arrived at a more highly M(1)-selective antagonist, compound 13l (VU0415248). Muscarinic subtype selectivity across all five human and rat receptors for 13l, along with rat selectivity for the lead compound (ML012), is presented.

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