• Liedtke AJ, Kim K, Stec DF, Sulikowski GA, Marnett LJ. Straightforward protocol for the efficient synthesis of varied N(1)-acylated (aza)indole 2-/3-alkanoic acids and esters: optimization and scale-up. Tetrahedron. 2012 Dec 2;68(48). 10049-10058. PMID: 23204595 [PubMed]. PMCID: PMC3509943. NIHMSID: NIHMS413885.


A library of approximately 40 N(1)-acylated (aza)indole alkanoic esters and acids was prepared employing a microwave-assisted approach. The optimized synthetic route allows for parallel synthesis, variation of the indole substitution pattern and high overall yield. Additionally, the procedure has been scaled up to yield multi-gram amounts of preferred indole compounds, e.g.: 2'-des-methyl indomethacin 2. The reported compounds were designed as biomedical tools for primary and secondary in vitro and in vivo studies at relevant molecular targets.