• Baranczak A, Sulikowski GA. Synthetic studies directed toward dideoxy lomaiviticinone lead to unexpected 1,2-oxazepine and isoxazole formation. Organic letters. 2012 Feb 17;14(4). 1027-9. PMID: 22309201 [PubMed]. PMCID: PMC3292050. NIHMSID: NIHMS355203.


In the course of studies directed toward the synthesis of dideoxy lomaiviticinone, 3-(nitromethyl)cyclohexenones 2a (X = H) and 2b (X = I) were prepared. The corresponding enolates were reacted with naphthazarin (1) and unexpectedly afforded 1,2-oxazepine 3 and isoxazole 4, respectively. Rationale for their formation is proposed.